SMIRK Project


Agitational Cartoons and Graphics for Interventionary "Stick-ups" to Expose a Landscape Colonized by Capital

Differences Body of Capital Becoming Stardom Voting Booth From the Depths Time Moist and Delicious 57 Varieties: All Unfit for Human Consumption If Voting Changed Anything, They'd Make It Illegal. A divorce made in Rothschild heaven Narrow greed and enforced scarcity Organize! Good shepherd, bad shepherd The 'people as pollution' eugenics movement Fellow Rothschild Agents The pyramid of Capital social relations How many Armed People Went to Treblinka? Mass Murderers Agree: Gun Control Works Bush + Obama = A Completed Transformation Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss.... Look Up in the Sky – Stop Chemtrails Look Up in the Sky – O Baaa Ma! Fascist World Government Bush=Liar, Obama=Same David bin Rockefeller, Terrorist David Rockefeller, Joker-Terrorist same chains, new manufacturer new chains, old manufacturer