an invitation to create a greater "us" from


Society for the Maintenance of Irreverence towards Ridiculous Kowtow

delivered from multiple genetic donors and shared experiences:


excited erectile tissue
the extra-selfish polymorphous perversity of "the other"
HGH, DMAE, yogic deep breathing, neo-Reichian massage

the understanding of the psyche as facilitated by Firesign Theatre,
Harpo Marx, Ernie Kovacs, Monty Python, Penn & Teller, Paul Krassner's "The Realist"
the health of laughter as detonated by Bullwinkle, Dr. Girlfriend, South Park, Harvey Birdman
the cortexical click achieved by Luis Bunuel, David Lynch, Dusan Makavejev, John Waters
the ghostly chill created by "The Prisoner", Lacenaire, Gregor Samsa, Alice
the audio wakeup call of Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Luciano Berio, Loudon Wainwright III, John Coltrane, Wall of Voodoo, Scriabin

late-night brainstorming sessions with Ludwig Feuerbach, Charles Fourier, Emma Goldman, Abbie Hoffman, Georgs Lukacs, Wilhelm Reich, Raoul Vaneigem, Anton Pannekoek,
Mikhail Bakunin,
Murray Bookchin, Rosa Luxembourg, John Keracher, Eugene Debs, Guy Debord, Karl Marx, Jerry Rubin, Alexandra Kollantai
strategizing with the ghosts of YIPPIE!,  the Situationist International, the Lettrists, the Diggers, the dadaists, and the surrealists

time-traveling to the Paris Commune, Kronstadt, Asturia, wildcats, occupations, festivals, carnivals, celebration, play beyond the playground
refusing to suffer capital's left and right wings and all the dead space-time fenced in between them
dining with PETA-eating wolves
conspiring on the gasps of dying pope
the sound of one thrown pie landing in search of many (and more flavors)
unleashing the curbature of linear dogma
socializing the joys of embarrassing banality
sharing smiles while creating the endless joke

and, us -- simulating and actuating, defining and becoming ourselves....

who I am and who I desire:

those attempting a fearless and imaginative desire for better lives
those attempting to create interventionary theory and a theory of intervention
those [self-]possessing a willingness to share, fearlessness at being incorrect, and a desire to learn beyond ideology and flawed theory -- together
those formally commiting leveled and contractual effort as
greedy selves with a core based in/around mutual expansion
those seeking more than the passivivity inherent in the bourgeois existence of "to be or not to be", rather igniting a generalized self-power of socially becoming

what I find worth superseding:

logical cruelty, that desired hangover of capital
argument without consequence
the numb flesh of spectators
compassion-sacrificing passion
the tight jaws of political correctness
blind rejection of that held captive in the past, a role, or ideology
the excitment found in atomistic frigidity
blind obedience to social entropy
zero-growth & "return-to-the-dust" movements
species-centrism and species guilt
bourgeois rites movements
dialectically merging Tweedledum and Tweedledee
refusing false dichotomies and universes: linear vs. nonlinear, X or not-X
the denial of "the trees" for "the forest"
the denial of "the forest" for "the trees"
the denial of the existence of more than one "forest"
the science of "flat" religion and the religion of "flat" science
that which is held captive within religion, culture, character-armor, and role
the 3-way tie between crotchlessness, mindlessness, heartlessness
the false promises of maidenform bra ads and a generalized voyeurism

what I want to get from my S.M.I.R.K. associates:

qualitative friends & playmates
social change that matters
connective knowledge with a bang
dancing lessons from the dialectic
singing lessons from the universe
a personal negation of the negation

how to initiate connectivity:

submit a self-statement at/to