What is this Requirement of a Self-Statement?

SMIRK ( smirkers-of-the-world ) requires a commitment to some [self-]projects that attract you, so you must describe some.
It requires a base understanding of the situationist  critique so that anarchoids, leftoids, and professors/students who donn the term like a commodity don't clog up authenticizing expression with more (and mere) contemplative waiting lines (i.e., waiting for something to happen once the terminology and tee-shirt are consumed).

I'm less judging and more wanting to find playmates that know that play is not the talk and spectatorship found on the www.nothingness.org "no-requirements" type of site. Everyone starts from somewhere when they grab their own bootstraps and that's what's most important. There's no grading system in place, just an appreciation of effort and heart.

So, as example, here's some of my publicized projects -- accomplished and under construction -- for years 2005 and 2006:
An ongoing project is the organizational platform that details how the current hierarchically obscured social relations may be abolished or ransacked for forms based in direct democracy, council communism, etc. We are in need of exploring the material base (free energy, new physics, zero-point energy, proactive health) that will leave the collars of the old system without the collarable. There's also translating key texts from English and French into all other languages. Then, of course, there are all the interventions that use both sides of paradox to expand the stakes and game....

Hope this explains what a self-statement requirement entails: your imagination unveiling itself to its terrain and how playmates will get you that world without christian-judeo-islamic sacrifice or characterological fear and postponement of living. It starts with acting as yourself not as someone or something else's....

To get the self-statement ball rolling, ask yourself:

How do I feel?
What do I want to accomplish to feel better?
What's preventing me from getting it now?
What's going to help me get it?

The questions start with one's self-examination, go through the social, and return to you....
It's not easy.
It entails self-discovery and self-definition in order to become who you imagine.
It means defining what you want from other selves.
It requires devising association and deed to quench self-reflexive subjectivity.
It's not about agreements as to who you are (a self-reduction to roles, ideologies, and their inconsequential object-acts),
but about agreements facilitating from how to become  who you desire.