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Audio Interviews

  • "Fuel for Spiritual Experience": 1-Fuel; 2-Pranayama; 3-Bodhichitta; 4-Faith; 5-Concentration; 6-Absorption; 7-Liberation.
    Spiritual experiences are not difficult to have if you know the laws of nature that manage them.
    Learn the exact science of spiritual practice that leads to the awakening of the consciousness, by means of harnessing the most powerful energies in the universe.
    Within us are the energies that can empower the realization of our full potential, through which we can become completely developed beings.
    Learn about the steps of meditation, vital energy, ojas, sexual transmutation, pranayama, kundalini, and much more.
    With these tools, we can reach complete liberation from suffering, and thereby be of great service to others.
    These lectured teachings are availed via the GnosticTeachings.org archive and download areas.

  • The Secret Financial Network Behind "Wizard" George Soros — F. William Engdahl (November 1, 1996 – 48:24)

  • "America's Fiscal Collapse — Obama's Budget Will Impoverish America" — "Guns and Butter" interview of economist and author, Michel Chossudovsky — The administration's 2010 budget will entail the most drastic curtailment in public spending in American history, leading to social havoc and the potential impoverishment of millions of people. Defense spending and bank bailouts will consume all government revenue resulting in fiscal collapse that will lead to the privatization of the state. (KPFA; March 2, 2009)

  • The Bilderberg Group — Rulers of the World? (site1, site2) — interview of investigator and author, Daniel Estulin, on his just published book, The True Story of The Bilderberg Group (KPFA broadcast of Guns and Butter show; Wednesday, October 31st, 2007)

  • Fictitious Capital: Real Retrogression — KPFA interview of Loren Goldner

  • We Know You Are Watching (site1, site2) — Interview of Bill Brown of Not Bored! and Surveillance Camera Players

  • The End of America — Interview with Naomi Wolf; (12:59); If it's axiomatic that those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it, Americans may be in deep peril, indeed. In a stark and startling new book, writer and political consultant Naomi Wolf illuminates the history we had better start familiarizing ourselves with, before it's too late. Her call to action is called "The End of America."

  • Radio Interview of Dr. Stephen Ducat — Radio Interview of Stephen J. Ducat (via staff on Eye of the Storm availed previously by MediaWatch; January 4, 2005)

  • Everybody in the World Except US Citizens Should Be Allowed to Vote and Elect the American Government — interview of Slavoj Zizek (KPFA broadcast of Democracy Now show; March 11, 2008)

  • The Iraq War, the Bush Presidency, the War on Terror: More — interview of Slavoj Zizek (KPFA broadcast of Democracy Now show; May 12, 2008)

  • The Coming 2008-2009 Global Financial Meltdown and U.S. Marshall Law — Discussion between Daryl Bradford Smith (France) and Muhammad Rafeeq (Britain): Part 1 of 2 (July 15, 2008; 44:54 with 02:37 musical introduction), Part 2 of 2 (July 15, 2008; 30:13)

  • Obama's Banking Panic — interview of Webster Tarpley (KPFA broadcast of Guns and Butter show; February 25, 2009)

  • The Bush World Economic Depression — interview of Webster Tarpley (KPFA broadcast of Guns and Butter show; August 13, 2008)

  • The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7 (site1, site2) — Dr. David Ray Griffin's keynote address at the 5th Annual 9/11 Film Festival in Oakland, California, on his new book that examines the official NIST report on the collapse of WTC 7; NIST a political agency overseen by the executive branch; omission and falsification of evidence; scientific fraud; media disinformation; no investigation of explosive evidence; melted steel; the mysterious death of 53-year-old Barry Jennings, eyewitness to explosions in Building 7. (KPFA broadcast of Guns and Butter show; October 14, 2009)

  • Obama's War Administration — interview of Webster Tarpley (KPFA broadcast of Guns and Butter show; January 21, 2009)

  • The U.S. Banking System: Too Big To Bail Out — interview of Webster Tarpley (KPFA broadcast of Guns and Butter show; August 29, 2007)

  • Bush Moves Toward Martial Law — interview of Webster Tarpley (KPFA broadcast of Guns and Butter show; January 10, 2007)

  • Power Shift in Washington — interview of Webster Tarpley, discussing he neocons versus the Trilateral/Soros/Rockefeller/Brzezinski factions of the ruling elite (KPFA broadcast of Guns and Butter show; July 30, 2008)

  • The Fictitious Economy: How Finance is Destroying Industrial Capitalism and Paving a New Road to Serfdom — interview of Prof./Dr. Michael Hudson by Bonnie Faulkner (KPFA broadcast of Guns and Butter show; June 25, 2008)

  • — Here's a caller that I nominate for the Darwin Award (whose manufactured embrace of the WTO/IMF/TrilateralCommission/NAU/Rockefeller dismantling of the Constitution-based USA finds its puppet-mouth in a "caller". Any human evolution beyond the "USA" model, is being frozen, and then reversed to more feudal models by the elite. Its success by use of near-monopolized media, funding of a codependent leftism-rightism, and "school" intake of ruling ideology is unbelievable. This person-thing's a prime example of what an overdose sounds like when IT talks. Possession? Self-dispossession? To dispossess oneself, a "self" has to be there beforehand.... A re-examination of Thomas Szaz's "The Manufacture of Madness" seems more than appropriate. This is sad, and all too real. Regurgitative namecalling, "like "racist", is used to shut down all reason is a tactic once used by the German National Socialist Party, and is the modus operandi of capital's "left" authoritarianism pretending to be liberatory, and succeeding with the mindless. They call people names like some kid who think that being an adult means that all you have to do is to use "swear words" reserved for adults. These people are playing into the hands of the elite whose plan to annihilate all current models of nation, community, family, and individual sovereignty, and to make everyone equally immiserated: this is the mass fascist "citizen of the world".


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